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My Snake – a song

by on Nov.17, 2008, under Random Stuff

History behind it – Several years ago while on vacation, I caught a water snake and brought it home. After some time, it escaped into my cold air return, never to be seen again.

i don’t know how old I was, but I came up with this for the fun of it 😀

1. I caught a snake, a snake caught me I caught a tiny snake.
Above the dam at the edge of the lake, I caught a tiny snake.

2. I kept the snake, the snake kept me, I kept the tiny snake.
All the way home and into the cage I kept the tiny snake.

3. I lost my snake, my snake lost me I lost my tiny snake.
Out of the cage and onto the floor I lost my tiny snake.

4. My dad saw the snake, my snake saw my dad, he saw the tiny snake.
From behind the board and out the door he saw my tiny snake.

(note following verses were added later, after I found an other snake)

5. I found a snake a snake found me I found an other snake. All the way home and into the cage I still have my snake!

6. The snake escaped and I found the snake in the air duct. I found an other snake, now I have two!

The end –

Incidentally, I can’t remember what happened after verse six – and yes, stanza six stinks… but who cares?


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